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Production Details

Title Lady Windermere’s Fan
Written By Oscar Wilde
Director Spencer Clayton
Auditions Monday 10th September 2018 at 8pm and
Saturday 15th September 2018 at 2pm
Venue The auditions will take place at Incognito Theatre.
Rehearsals Most Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7:45pm; Sundays - these will normally be at 6:30pm – 9:30pm although some will start earlier and be longer rehearsals. Rehearsals will start on Tuesday 2nd October.
Production Sunday 18th November 2018 – Saturday 24th November 2018. Sunday performance starts at 6:00pm, all weekday performances start at 8.00pm, Saturday performances start at 3:00pm and 8:00pm.
Script Edition CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform edition. Available on Amazon, although any version can be used. ctors successfully cast will be expected to purchase their own edition.
Synopsis Lady Windermere has a happy marriage - or, at least, that's what she believes until one of London society's gossips, the Duchess of Berwick, arrives with her daughter to voice her suspicions about an affair Lord Windermere appears to be having. It's not just the Duchess who has evidence, however. Windermere's private bank book shows that he's been giving large sums of money to a "Mrs Erlynne" - on frequent occasions - and he himself even admits to seeing much of the woman. To add insult to injury, Windermere insists that Mrs Erlynne is invited to the ball that is being held for Lady Windermere's birthday. Employing the witty dialogue, social satire and outrageous paradox for which he is still remembered, Wilde's play shows us the destructiveness of gossip and superficial judgement, examines the ambiguous sexual morality and gender politics at the heart of the British ruling class, while simultaneously challenging our perceptions of what constitutes a "good woman"

Cast Details

There is some flexibility with the ages of the cast. When casting, the director will consider the age of the cast as a whole – the ‘love triangle’ actors need to be around the same age Please also note that there will be a "music hall" number to cover a scene change. This is likely to predominantly feature those outside the main cast., There will be no singing auditions, but you will be asked if you can sing.

Character Description
Lady WindermereThe owner of the fan; young, idealistic, anxious.
Lord Windermereher husband; young, honourable, misjudged (Lord and Lady Windermere would need to be the same age).
The Duchess of BerwickOlder lady – imposing.
Mrs Erlynnemiddle aged – previously wronged; honourable.
Lord DarlingtonYoung or middle aged; fancies Lady Windermere.

RosalieMaid – a small part
Lady Agatha CarlisleThe Duchess Of Berwick’s daughter; young.
Mr HopperLady Agatha’s suitor (Act 2 only); Young.

The Gentlemen - appear in act 2 and 3 – all society gentlemen.
Lord Augustus Lortonold.
Mr DumbyAny age.
Mr Cecil GrahamAny age.

The Ladies - appear as guests act 2 – all society ladies (any age)
Lady Plymdale
Lady Stutfield
Lady Jemburgh
Mrs Cowper-Cooper

Audition Pieces

Here are the suggested audition scenes.

Characters Pages
Lady Windermere
Lord Darlington
Start of act 1 from beginning to "I feel it – I know it"
Lord Windermere
Mrs Erlynne
Act 4 after Lady Windermere’s exit to "And it spoils one’s career at critical moments"
Duchess Of Berwick
Act 2 from after "How terribly alone!" to "Good night Duchess"
The GentlemenAct 3 – from their entrance to "no respect for dyed hair"
The LadiesAct 2 – will read the Lady Plymdale scene in Act 2 from "what an absolute brute you are" to "I wish you were!"

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