Production Details

Title Ghosts
Written By Henryk Ibsen, specially adapted for The Incognito Theatre by Andrew Robinson.
Director Linda Shannon
Reading Monday 7th October at 7:45 pm
Auditions Monday 14th October at 7:45pm
Thursday 17th October at 7:45pm
Venue The reading and auditions will take place at Incognito Theatre.
Rehearsals   Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7:45pm; Sundays at a time to be agreed by cast and director.
Production Sunday 19th to Saturday 25th January 2020. Sunday performance starts at 6:00pm, all weekday performances start at 8.00pm, Saturday performances start at 3:00pm and 8:00pm.
Script Edition Specially adapted by Andrew Robinson.
Synopsis Oswald Alving has returned home to witness the opening of an orphanage dedicated to his father’s memory, set up by his mother and the local pastor. In the course of 24 hours, Mrs Alving, Oswald, Pastor Manders, Mrs Alving’s maid and the maid’s father admit to, or find out about, the deceit and lies that have been a part of their lives for years and which now are gradually being brought out into the open.

Cast Details

This an intense and powerful play which requires actors who can play the roles for truth. Rehearsals will include character discussions and also some Stanislavskian techniques and exercises in order to achieve these truths.
Character Description Playing Age Audition Pages
Helene Alving Wealthy; idolises her son Oswald. Has known Pastor Manders for many years and generally follows his advice, which includes the setting up of the orphanage in her husband’s name. 50-ish 17-20;51-53
Pastor Manders Religious zealot; moralistic; sexually repressed. 50-ish 15-17; 17-20; 44-45
Oswald Alving An artist; has been living a dissolute life in Paris; suffering from venereal disease as a result. Mid-to late 20s 15-17;51-53
Regine Engstrand  Mrs Alving’s maid; ambitious; is teaching herself French in order to advance her career. Poor relationship with her father. Mid-20s 1-4; 44-45
Jacob Engstrand Regine’s father; a carpenter; walks with a club foot; appears to be religious but in fact is a rather nasty piece of work and on the make. 50-ish 1-4;44-45

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