Boom Bang-a-Bang

17 – 23 May 2020

Written by Jonathan Harvey directed by Spencer Clayton

A party descends gloriously into farce in this camp and insightful comedy. Lee is nervous. He and his boyfriend Michael hosted the most fabulous Eurovision parties. Now Michael is dead, and Lee wants to honour his memory while proving he can manage by himself. But there’s a rival party in town! Will anybody come? Will they get on? Will they get on too well? Will there be too many straight people? 


Lee Luke Murray
Wendy Naomi Smallwood
Steph Michael Reece
Norman   Mark Dosher
Roy Jamie Barker
Tania Julianne Mullen
Nick Luke Pepera


Creative Team

Director Spencer Clayton
Assistant Director    Mona Vadher
Stage Manager Jill Lomas
Costumes Jenny Mendé
Lighting Design Chris Mason (TBC)
Set Design Chris Mason
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