When We Are Married

27th January - 2nd February 2013

Written by J.B. Priestley and directed by Bob Bradick.

When We Are Married FlyerThis timeless traditional comedy about class and hypocrisy presents three well-to-do West Yorkshire couples - married on the same day, at the same church, and by the same vicar, who join to celebrate 25 years of matrimony.  Disaster strikes with the revelation that the vicar who married them wasn’t actually licensed – these pillars of the community aren’t respectably married after all!  Home truths fly like confetti, and uninvited guests start to call. With a photographer from the local paper due to arrive, a missing housekeeper and a doorbell that won’t stop ringing, can the couples keep their embarrassing secret?



Ruby Birtle - Ani Walker-Nolan
Gerald Forbes - Luke Murray
Nancy Holmes - Julia Curtis
Joseph Helliwell - Gerry Zierler
Maria Helliwell - Margaret Johnson
Albert Parker - Stephen Milligan
Annie Parker - Lesley Kennedy
Herbert Soppitt - Graham Sawtell
Clara Soppitt - Moira Wallace
Mrs. Northrop - Linda Shannon
Fred Dyson - David Parsons
Henry Ormonroyd - Mike Clarke
Lottie Grady - Clair Chaventre
Rev. Clement Mercer - Brian Moran

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