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2 - 8 October 2016

Our first one act play 'Festival'. The same three plays will be presented at each performance. The shortest two first, followed by an interval, then the third play. The casts and directors for each play will be different.


The Hebrew Lesson

Written by Wolf Mankowitz and directed by Brian Moran.

Play Fest FlyerIt is the time of the 'Troubles' (1921). An elderly Jew is trying to learn essential phrases in Gaelic. A young man breaks in seeking shelter from the Black-and-Tans. The Jew feeds and shelters him, finally dressing him unwillingly as a Jew to escape the Black-and-Tans. The man is saved and has learned a little of the character and philosophy of the Jews.



Elderly Jewish Man Mike Clarke
Young Irish Man Koray Gokay
1st Black and Tan George Bayman
2nd Black and Tan TBA



Written by Scott Perry and directed by Jennie Mendé.

Ron and Bill haven't met up for three weeks - Bill has been in Scarborough, reliving his honeymoon and Ron, having escaped from his old people's home, has been living it up on the ferry to Amsterdam. Funny and touching simultaneously, Bookends is a perceptive portrait of old age.



Bill Graham Boon
Ron Graham Sawtell


The Triplets

Written by John Reason and directed by Spencer Clayton.

The triplets are turning 100 years old. They are in the Town hall waiting to be presented to the Queen. While waiting each reacts in their own special way, each very, very different from the other. Are they what they seem? Can you figure it out?



Pauline Corinne Corre
Roberta Francine Ross
Ham Lesley Kennedy
Mayoress Sonja Taylor


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