Upcoming Auditions

Auditions Policy

Unlike some theatre groups, we do not audition you before you join the group. All our auditions are open to existing members and newcomers who find us through audition notices on our website. There is no need to book a place for either the reading or auditions. Please just turn up on the day. All scripts will be provided.

If you are a newcomer and are successful in being cast you will need to become a full member before you can take part in the production. The membership fee must be paid by the first rehearsal. If you are not initially successful we hope you will not be discouraged and join as part of the production crew. If your acting skills need development we try to encourage people working their way up from smaller parts.

Before the audition begins you will be asked to indicate which parts you are interested in or whether you are happy to be cast in any part. Everyone who attends the audition will be given every opportunity to read for the part that interests them.

All auditions are held in the theatre's auditorium in full view of all those in attendance and will be watched by the play's director and two other full members. After the auditions are complete the director and the two full members present will discuss the auditions although it is the director who ultimately selects the cast. Once the cast has been chosen, the director will contact all auditionees in person (usually within three to four days) to tell them whether or not they have been cast.