Tom Jones

Written by Joan Macalpine from the novel by Henry Fielding and directed by Brian Moran

Tom Jones is rich, ripe and rowdy. Tom, Squire Allworthy's adopted son, falls victim to the charms of one rustic wench after another, until at last the Squire grows tired of the trouble he causes and sends him off to cause it elsewhere. Then Tom becomes entangled with three women at once: Jenny Waters, a lady of warm heart and generous virtue, Mrs Fitzpatrick, a society lady seeking diversion from her oafish husband, and Sophia Western, whom Tom truly loves.



Tom Jones Darren McQuade
Squire Allworthy Peter Kenyon / Brian Moran
Bridget Allworthy Julia Curtis
Thwackum Omer Warman
Blifil Aziz Huseyin
Squire Western Andrew Robinson
Molly Seagrim Daniella Mansi
Sophia Western Clare Gabba
Honour Mia Jacob
Doctor Gideon Benari
Susan Alice Gill-Carey
Mrs Waters Jacqui Ravenhall
Mrs Fitzpatrick Julia Curtis
Betty Daniella Mansi
Captain Fitzpatrick Omer Warman
Lord Fellamar Fred Ramage
Constable Gideon Benari
Woman with basket   Alice Gill-Carey
Andrews Victor Gelb
Allworthy’s servant Fred Ramage
1st Bystander Victor Gelb
2nd Bystander George Bayman
Executioner George Bayman
Priest Fred Ramage

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