Triple Bill

22 - 28 September 2019

The first production of the Incognito 2019 to 2020 season will be a Triple Bill.


Written by Anton Chekhov and directed by Jennie Mendé

An elderly actor reflects on his time in the theatre. 


The Actor Graham Boom
The Stage Manager   Geoff Prutton

The Proposal

Written by Anton Chekhov and directed by Jennie Mendé

An elderly landowner receives a visit from a neighbour who wishes to ask for the hand of the landowner's daughter in marriage. a number of misunderstandings and arguments arise out of this situation to comic effect. 


Chubukov   Mark Dosher
Natalya Emily Kennedy-Neal
Lomov Gideon Benari


The Regina Monologues

Written by Rebecca Russell and Jenny Wafer and directed by Andrew Robinson

The 6 wives of Henry VIII, in a modern setting, each tell the story of their relationship with Henry by way of six interwoven monologues. A penetrating look at gender relationships that swings from the comic to the tragic and back again.


Cathy Trudi Dane
Annie Alice Gill-Carey
Jane Freya Carroll
Anna Samantha Charles
Katie Clare Gabba
Katherine   Francine Ross


Rehearsal Photos

Triple Bill : The Regina Monologues


Production Team

Stage Manager Luke Pepera
Assistant Stage Manager Geoff Prutton
Production Assistant Mia Jacob
Set Design Andrew Robinson and Jennie Mende
Set Construction John Savage Moira Wallace Luke Papers and group members
Specialist Set Dressing Mike Mende
Lighting Design Richard Boohan
Sound Design Mike Mende
Lighting and Sound Operation Richard Boohan
Wardrobe for Swansong and The Proposal   Jennie Mende
Wardrobe for The Regina Monologues Jackie Robinson
Box Office Manager Brian Moran
Front of House Manager Margaret Johnson
Publicity and Programme Design David Parsons
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